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A-Z All types of Valuations, Services Across India,

Appraisal, Technical Audits, Land & Building Valuation Art & Sculpture Valuation Plant & Machinery Valuation Useful Life Certification, Scrap & Disposable Material Valuation, Componentization Accounting, Court Purpose Valuation, Capital Gains Tax Valuation For India & IRS Valuations for US/Canada/Europe etc for Tax Filings


Valuation Service

Estimate the value of any property, anytime, anywhere! … Know the right price of yourv property.


Valuations & Property Appraisals

Property appraisal provides you with the assurance you need to back up the purchase price and facilitate negotiating discussions about price modifications.


Law Associates

Mediation, Dispute Resolution, Court and Case Handling of Various Litigation Matters, Private Mediation of Family and Property Matters


GST Suvidha Kendra

GST Registration & filing, ITR filing, Company formation, & registration-LLP, LLC, OPC, Audit & accounting, TDS Services, Trademark search & registration, IEC Code, All types of Loans for Home, Business, Personal loans, etc


BBMP/SubRegistrar related Liasoning work

All types of Khatha and tax payments, EC, all types of property registration services, Subregistrar works, documentation, sale deed, correction deeds etc


All types of Insurance

At Iyengaars GST Suvidha Kendra
We help you buy the best health policies and travel insurance, life, and car insurance etc

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We are a professionally managed company with a vision that every Indian should have his or her own business, even those with a full time job elsewhere. We provide a detailed and independent estimate of the construction cost of buildings/apartments etc for settlement of disputes to resolve the disputes between builders and property owners etc. We provide a detailed and independent estimate of the Weight in Tonnage of any type of Metal Scrap and Iron Scrap weight estimation, (Copper Scrap, Machinery Scrap, Nickel Scrap or Aluminium Scrap etc), estimation of the tonnage of scrapped machinery or bulk estimation of entire factory or plant which is being sold as scrap for liquidation purposes. We also estimate the scrap weight of buildings/apartments etc prior to demolition etc. Property Valuers, Real Estate Brokers Iyengaars Property Valuers: A Profile We are a team of Qualified, Approved Valuers, Architects, Engineers, and Real Estate Brokers

Our recent services include

1. Valuations as a Court Commissioner and for dispute resolution

2. Scrap value estimation

3. Used asset valuations

4. Gross Rental Receipts Valuation

5. SEZ valuation of a Petrochemical Complex

6. Fair rent payable valuation of Plug & Play Office Space of a Software Company

7. Property Valuation Valuer of Sugar Factory

8. Cement Factory

9. Steel Plant

10. Power Plant

11. Income Tax purpose Valuation

12. Valuation for Loans and advances

13. Court Commissioner Valuations

14. Valuation of Mines and Geological Survey’s

15. Valuation of properties for Visa purposes

16. And many other purposes 17. Approved Property Valuers

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