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Our legal services team, which includes professional Solicitors and Advocates from various courts such as the Consumer Forum, Civil, Criminal, High Court, and Supreme Court, guides and supports us. We provide legal service in Mediation, Dispute Resolution, Court and Case Handling of Various Litigation Matters, Private Mediation of Family and Property Matters.

  • All types of legal formats & support work done & undertaken.
  • POA power of attorney, SPOA for Special power of attorney for purchase or sale, Gift, by NRIs in absentia through family members or through our support by appointing as their attorney undertaken.
  • All types of drafting, documentation, & execution work undertaken.
  • Environmental assessment undertaken for basic & advanced assessments done

Our Expertise

  • Constitutional Issues
  • Employment and Service matters
  • Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
  • Immigration Laws
  • Banking & Finance incl VC’s and Equity
  • Information Technology/E-Commerce and Cyber Laws
  • Environmental Laws
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Mining Laws
  • Corporate Affairs & Foreign Collaboration Initiatives
  • Joint Venture & Merger & Acquisitions
  • Infrastructure & Energy
  • Real Estate
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