What makes you different from other Valuers and Assesors?

We are a team of highly experienced & qualified professionals and provide value for money by providing unbiased and true valuations along with required guidance and negotiations where appropriate.

We have a long list of successes in settling various properties and assets which were disputed between two parties like buyer/seller, family settlement, builder/owner and similar other disputes.

We offer other services like Vastu corrections etc where appropriate.

How do I go about getting a valuation done?

You can contact us with the basic details which you have about your property or assets like Location of the property, size or dimensions of the property, total sft or area etc.

What documents will I need to get a valuation done?

You can provide copies or scanned images of the following documents: Sale Deed, Plan of the property, both the approved plan and the Actual construction Plan will be helpful, Khata Certificate, Tax Receipts, Khata extracts, Photos of the property, Encumberance Certificate, Pani, Mother deed etc. are generally scrutinized.

What additional documents will I need to get a valuation done?

Generally these will suffice if we need any additional documents we will let you know.

What happens if I dont have any of these documents?

Can I still get a valuation done?

If there are no documents available due to the property being disputed or due to inheritance or loss of documents we can undertake the valuation based on a physical verification of the property dimensions and condition. The same will be mentioned in the report.

What is an independent property valuation?

A valuer assesses the value of land, buildings, improvements and other factors that influence the value of your property, a process that usually involves an external and internal inspection of the property.

Valuers are independent with no vested interest in the properties they value. A valuation report is a professional and legal assessment of the value of your property prepared for many different purposes.

Is a valuation different from a real estate agent’s appraisal?

An independent valuation and a real estate agent’s appraisal are documents that are created for different purposes. An agent uses his expert local market knowledge to arrive at a selling figure at which the property should be placed on the market.

A qualified & experienced property valuer carries out a valuation for a variety of clients including banks, solicitors and individual property owners for a wide range of purposes. At Iyengaars, you get the best of both worlds, a realtors opinion as well as a Qualified Property Valuers Report.

How much does a valuation cost?

The cost of a valuation varies according to the location, size, value and type of the property to be valued, as well as the type of report required, i.e. short-form three page report or long-form report that is more detailed and required particularly suitable for family law or litigation purposes or for Tax purposes.

The cost of this professional advice is relatively small compared to your investment and the potential savings and peace of mind it can provide you.

Please contact IPV for a quote on your property. What qualifications does a valuer have?

A valuer must complete relevant tertiary level qualifications and be licensed or registered by the appropriate state body to practise as a qualified valuer. Only qualified valuers are recognised by courts of law as expert interpreters of the property market. We have suitably qualified Valuers on our panel of Valuers for different purposes.

Is a valuation different from council rates like SR Value, Sub-Registrar value, Guidance value etc?

Yes. A rating valuation is prepared for the purpose of assessing rates and land tax of a property. It does not usually involve an internal inspection and is prepared at a particular date. The relevant date of valuation on your rates notice can vary depending upon where you live. This valuation cycle can be 12 months and up to 4 years in some cities.

SR values and registration values and Sub-registrar values are generally below market rates and could be quite different from current market trends.

I am buying a property do I need a valuation?

A valuation before you buy a property can provide you with an independent opinion of its value. This can help you negotiate the right price and save you money. Our Valuers will check the property’s title and zoning as well as provide a risk analysis which highlights any potential opportunities or threats on specific request.

I am selling my property do I need a valuation?

Before you sell your property, a valuation can provide you with an independent assessment of current value before placing it on the market. This figure may be different to what a real estate agent says your property is worth.

The valuation report is a document that can be used as a negotiating instrument to ensure you do not sell a property for less than it is actually worth. A valuer can also provide you with tips on how to add value to your property.

I am a property investor, does IPV offer any other services to help me maximise returns on my investment?

A tax depreciation schedule report can help you maximise the tax benefits of owning an investment property. Depreciation schedules prepared by a qualified property professional can provide higher tax benefits than an accountant’s standard depreciation schedule, and the cost of a depreciation schedule is tax deductible.

What other types of valuations and services does IPV provide?

We provide the following other types of valuations Valuations

For All Property Types Valuation of Companies and Brands Before & After Contracting to build on your property Valuations

Valuation before you settle your Contractors Bill -Market Valuation & Guidance Value rates -Mortgage / Refinancing Valuation – Family Law Valuation -Before-You-Buy Valuation -Before-You-Sell Valuation -Portfolio Valuation -Self-Managed Superannuation Valuations -Body Corporate / Insurance Valuations -Capital Gains

Valuations for Income Tax Purposes -Rental Assessments and ARV Valuations -Stamp Duty Valuation -Estate / Probate Valuation -Rating & Tax Valuations -Litigation & Dispute Resolution Valuations –

Resumptions & Compensation Valuations -Before-You-Renovate Valuation Valuation of Art Works, Sculpture, Collectibles Valuation of Scrap, used machinery, Factories, etc

How can I make a payment?

Iyengaars Property Valuers accepts payment by Online, UPI, Bank transfer, Cash, Cheque/Check, Money Transfer, Internet Transfer, RTGS, IMPS, NEFT, Credit Card, Paypal, Xoom, International transfer etc.

Do I need to meet you personally?

While it is always a pleasure to meet our prospects and customers IPV understands that in the modern age it is not always feasible to meet personally. The modern day offers many options and choices to complete various works and tasks without the need for personal, human interaction. In accordance with the needs of the age we can undertake the valuation in certain cases without meeting in person by collecting the documents over email, WhatsApp, or by scanned copies or by courier.

Advance payments will be collected by NEFT/Bank transfer etc.

What are the types of Art Valuation which you undertake?

Iyengaars Valuers undertakes valuation of Land & Building, Coffee Estates, Machinery, Paintings, Sculpture, Furniture, Silver, Jewellery, Clocks, Carvings, Other Collectibles etc.

Valuation work is undertaken by our professional team of Engineers, Architects, or Artists who are experts in their chosen fields.

In which cities are your services currently available

We are a Bangalore based company, however, we have a network of our Engineers, Architects, Artists, Lawyers and Other professionals who assist us in all our activities across various cities in India and overseas.

What are your other activities?

We provide legal assistance on Law and legal issues, we have a team of lawyers who help our clients in issues related to legal opinion and related matters, in Civil courts, High Courts and also in the Supreme Court of India.

Our team of CA’s, CFA’s, Company Secretaries, Artists, and other professionals assist clients in there respective fields like Business Valuations, Brand Valuation and Art Valuations.

I still have some questions which I need to be answered ., Iyengaars Property Valuers would be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have please contact us directly by mail or phone on

Krishnaa: 98455 35438 by whatsapp voice message or call

Email: krishnaa0205@yahoo.com

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